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Culture Counts and Red Ridge - Inspiration in isolation

Louise Campbell shares the insights Culture Counts has provided Red Ridge as organisers of the Channel Country Ladies Day 2016 held annually in remote Queensland . . .

20 Dec 2016

The evolution of green arts

Fiona Vuibeqa and Lara Russell discuss the new Green Arts category in the Mackay Regional Arts Development fund….

19 Dec 2016

Culture Counts - Creative Regions

Shelley Pisani reflects on the valuable new insights Creative Regions has gained from using Culture Counts . . .

12 Dec 2016

7 facts about Queensland children and the arts

Ninety per cent of adults in Queensland agree the arts are an important part of education and 67% per cent agree the arts have a big or very big impact on child development. (1) So how do Queensland children participate in the arts? What role do parents play in this participation? What are the outcomes of early participation in the arts and what happens outside of school contexts? (2)

22 Nov 2016

Trend Scouting - Townsville

What are the creative trends that every creative entrepreneur in Townsville should be thinking about? What impact will these trends have on the cultural and creative industries? 

28 Oct 2016

Arts greatest stats

Statistics play a vital role in providing evidence of the value of the arts. We take a look at some of our most popular arts statistic posts.

20 Oct 2016

Increasing peace using arts

Art has the power to do many things including heal. In Queensland Mental Health Week, Jane Griffin, CEO of Friends of HEAL Foundation charity talks about arts programs which support young people of refugee backgrounds.


10 Oct 2016

Bust a move

From Brisbane to LA and So You Think You Can Dance? Ali Phillips, Director of Bust a Move Dance shares her experiences of starting the program for young people with a disability and where it has taken them…

14 Sep 2016

BRB, on tour

Luke Harriman, Creative Broker arTour, is the go-to-guy for getting your production tour-ready, finding funding and knowing your audience. We sat down with Luke to pick his brain about all things touring… 

9 Sep 2016