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A strong and sustainable sector

Stabilising and sustaining the sector

Funding announced through the Recovery Funding- Sustain program will support Independent arts organisations, Organisations Fund 2017-2020 recipients, key festivals and Major Performing Arts Organisations.

15 Oct 2020

Supporting programs that focus on attracting and retaining young people

Funding announced in October through the Youth And Arts Pathways program will support 8 projects to attract and retain young people within the sector.

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15 Oct 2020

Live Music Venue Support

The new Live Music Venue Support is investing in Queensland live music venues across the state, supporting employment of venue staff, technical crew and artists.

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1 Oct 2020

New audience data released

Phase 3 results from the  Audience Outlook Monitor research explores how audiences feel about attending events in the future, following the impact of COVID-19 pandemic

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30 Sep 2020

Queensland stARTS plan for economic recovery in arts sector

Independent Queensland artists and arts workers impacted by COVID-19, will receive financial relief with more than $700,000 in Queensland Government stART grants recently awarded.

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29 Sep 2020