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A strong and sustainable sector

FUND OPENED: Live Music Support Program

The Live Music Support Program (LMSP) Round 4 provides grant funding to Queensland-based indoor live music venues to offset revenue losses and stabilise business operations in 2021 for costs incurred from 1 October 2021 to 31 December 2021. 

28 Mar 2022

Artist Lucas Proudfoot fast-tracks his career goals through Creative Business Champions

High energy, multi-platform storyteller Lucas Proudfoot is achieving serious results with assistance from a Creative Business Champion.

28 Mar 2022

NEW FUND: Live Performance Impact Fund

Live Performance Impact Fund - Funding is available up to $20 000 to meet costs associated with the cancellation, rescheduling of indoor and outdoor programmed live performances or implementation of new COVID health and safety measures at a dedicated live performance venue between the periods of 13 December 2021 to 26 February 2022

28 Mar 2022

Funding for live music

Indoor venues with a track record of programming original live music throughout Queensland will receive around $2.8 million under the latest round for live music.

14 Feb 2022

Creative Business Champions program helps visual artist expand her small business

Self-employed artist Kate Douglas leveraged support from the Creative Business Champions program to further her career.

2 Feb 2022

New fund: Independent Creation Fund

The Independent Creation Fund supports Queensland employers of independent artists and arts workers to implement initiatives that will create jobs and employment opportunities.

26 Nov 2021

Audience Outlook Monitor- July 2021

Queensland and National data from the July 2021 Audience Outlook Monitor Survey.

14 Sep 2021

Organisations Fund 2022 - 2025 Recipients announced

The Organisations Fund 2022 – 2025 is providing $33.5 million in core funding to 46 Queensland arts and cultural organisations.

14 Sep 2021

QASP, touring and live music recipients

Outcomes from the Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) - round 4, Touring Queensland Fund (TQF), Touring Queensland Quick Response Fund (TQFQ) and the Live Music Support Program

25 Aug 2021

Individuals Fund 2021 recipients

The Individuals Fund 2021 is supporting 29 Queensland artists and cultural workers with funding of $185,764 helping emerging and established artists further their career.

19 Aug 2021